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the benefits

Porotherm Clay Block
The Best Building Material on the Market

Monolithic (single leaf) wall without cavity, without draft!

Low U-value as 0.15W/m2K withot extra insulation

1mm thinbed mortar applied with a roller aplicator, interlocking vertical joints

Made from clay, breathable, comfortable indoor climate in any weather condition

Thermal mass feature, extreme low heating bills

A1 fire rate

Born from the earth, 90% less water requirements during construction, up to 75% less carbon production through lack of heat

Excellent sound insulation value will maintain privacy not just in the house but in every room also

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why choose clay block

The Build that will Last a Lifetime

You will build your new home for a lifetime, for your kids, for your grandchildren, maybe for your parents or your grandparents… is a long term investment. How you build it will reflect the comfort and value you feel for future generations….these are important decisions.

With Porotherm you are guaranteed comfort and durability using material which on it’s own has a longer life cycle than any alternative materials.

typical details

Porotherm monolithic wall with integrated insulation. The 365mm wide block even complies with nZEB standards (nearly Zero Energy Building) providing a U-value of 0.18W/m2K. All services can be chased into the wall. Lime based wet plaster and render can be applied staright on the blocks. Breathable, healthy, natural, energy efficient and sound proof. Available in widths: 240mm, 300mm, 365mm, 425mm

Porotherm internal wall. Great, solid solution between rooms. High sound insulation value and maximises thermal mass. Electrical chases can be easily chased into the wall. Wet plaster can be applied straight onto the block. Available in a variety of widths including 115mm, 175mm and 240mm.

With our pre insulated monolithic wall system everything is more simple. No complications at junctions, no draft, no risk of cold bridge as opposed to cavity wall builds and the excellent thermal mass guarantees a costant, comfortable indoor temperature.

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A Product of Wienerberger the World Biggest Clay Block Manufacturer

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Thermal Wall Solutions

Clayblock® Thermal Wall Solutions offer a modern method of construction with the traditional reassuring values of clay, an organic and durable substrate that may be combined with numerous products and systems to provide a comfortable living environment with a wide choice of aesthetic finishes.

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what our clients say

I would highly recommend the Porotherm system and the guys at Clayblock Ireland. Our home is so comfortable and quiet. We are actually looking forward to the winter! This is how we should be building homes here especially with the new NZEB regulations!

Simon & Rachel, Co.Wexford

I was skeptic with this new building method, so I did a lots of research and what I find was very positive. Now we built our house with the Porotherm system, and I made the best choice in my life! It is comfortable, healthy…. 19-20 Celsius during the wintertime with  extremely little heat, and the same summer time, so no over heat. I used clay internal walls and the sound insulation value is fantastic! 100% recommended!

Aoife and Pat, Co.Galway

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Contact us for a project specific quotation or some general advice

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