Different sizes of roller available: 240mm, 365mm, 425mm. All size of Collomix roller has divider inside. These are adjustable for your block size. If there is any problem, please give us a ring on 087 451 32 78 or 087 774 5465 numbers.

Instruction for all type of rollers
  1. Make sure before you start, the roller is clean.
  2. Place the roller on the top of the blocks and make sure it is moving freely. The wheels (5) should spin the applicator (3) through the mechanism (8).
  3. Setup the divider (9) according to the block size.
  4. Spray with mould realiser oil completely. This will help to clean the roller afterwards, also will give smoother flow for the mortar.
  5. Pour the mortar mix into the roller. (For instruction please see “mixing Porotherm mortar”)
  6. Turn the black applicator handle (4) to start the mortar flow to the blocks. This need to be done only if there is no mortar on the roller.
  7. Start to pull the roller according to the arrow (7) on the side of the housing.
  8. You can leave the roller at the end of the row and lift it later.
  9. The result should be 1mm thin mortar bed.

The best of luck with your build

Clayblock Ireland

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