you will need
  • Safety gear: Glass, dust mask, gloves
  • Mortar
  • Mixing tub or bucket
  • 10L Water/bag of mortar (be exact to get the creamy result)
  • Paddle mixer
  • Power

( If this is your first mix and you don’t have any experience, please mix only the half of the bag first )

Instruction for half bag of mortar:

  • Pour 5L water into the bucket.
  • Pour the half bag of mortar into the bucket/tub.
  • Start mix slowly
  • Mix all together for 5 minutes. Please ensure that you scrape any unmixed mortar from the inside surface of the tub.
  • Leave for stand for circa 3-5 minutes. 6./ Remix again for 3-5 minutes.
  • The result should be creamy mortar. Before you pour into the Roller, please make sure the roller is clean and oiled.

The best of luck with your build

Clayblock Ireland

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