supply only

If you are a self-builder or you already have a builder/contractor on site, you can order only the wall system from us with all the accessories you need for your project. You can do your own calculation easily with our online calculator and buy all the products in our online shop. If you like the price but you are not confident to do the quantities, you can email your drawings to us. We will give you the list and the price for all the necessary items. You can buy all the required products in our online web shop and pay instantly, or you can use ETF. We will organise the transport to your site in an articulated truck, ready to unload by you or your contractor. If you have any questions during your construction, you can contact us for advice or help.

supply and build

If you have a contractor for everything else, but you want to use our professional service to build your Poroton walls, this would be your option. You are buying the Porotherm system from us as described in the first option extended with a construction of the Porotherm system. When your foundation is ready, our team will build the poroton wall from DPC (or floor level) up to the roof plate level. We will form openings, placing lintels and U cups where is necessary. After our work the wall structure will be ready for roofing, fitting windows sills, windows and doors, plastering, rendering…etc. As we do full site support, if any of your tradesmen have some questions we will answer all of it.

Contact us for a project specific quotation or some general advice