Clayblock Limited will pay your heating bill.


  • The promoter is Clayblock Limited trading as ‘Clayblock Ireland’. The customer is the ‘Owner’ of the products purchased from Clayblock Ireland.
  • The promotion is valid from 01-January-2024 to 31-December-2024, excluding public holidays and bank holidays. Therefore an agreement must be in place prior to 31-December-2024.
  • The period for measurement of energy consumption in the ‘Owner’s’ home is from January 2024 to December 2025, both months inclusive. Therefore the final bill which can be submitted as part of this promotion is for any period up until 31-December 2025.
  • The promotion only applies to newly built homes for which an agreement to purchase the products between the ‘Owner’ and the ‘Promoter’ happens during the period outlined at no. 2 above. The agreement must include the purchase of a sufficient quantity of Porotherm products so as to complete an area equal to a minimum of 95% of the calculated external wall area for the home which forms part of the agreement.
  • This promotion is only applicable to Home Electricity energy bills and is not applicable to any other fuel source such as Oil, Gas, Solid Fuel, etc.
  • This promotion refers to a substantial saving in energy consumption. The saving is based on the following example: A new Porotherm home connected to the National Grid, fitted with a heat pump providing a COP of at least 3.50, and a cost per unit of electricity at 0.40 euro/kWh. **Electricity prices may fluctuate and are out of our control. Other tariff’s can result in higher savings being achieved** This homeowner would qualify for a reward up to a maximum of 2200.00 Euro. This would equal to 5000 kWh of consumed electricity at the current standard rate 24 hour tariff (January 2024) which would convert into approximately 17500 kWh’s of delivered heat into the home, using a high efficiency heat pump.
  • This promotion is only applicable to domestic homes that are occupied by the ‘Owner’, who formed part of the purchase agreement. Furthermore, the measurement of energy for the purpose of this reward can only begin 30 days after the home is occupied.
  • The reward from this promotion will be paid directly to the ‘Owner’ who formed part of the purchase agreement, on successful acceptance that the products were paid for in full, and that the energy bill(s) presented are in respect of the property for which the products in the agreement were purchased.
  • The reward shall be paid towards the cost of two individual consecutive bills for the property. The reward will be considered as a contribution to the heating portion of each of those bills. Therefore for the avoidance of any doubt, the reward will be limited to two separate contributions of up to two hundred euro each, and therefore a maximum reward of four hundred euro to the Owner. 
  • Any illegal or misrepresentation of the Owner, Property, Energy Bill or any other deceitful behaviour will result in immediate cancellation of the reward and the relevant Owner will be notified.
  • This promotion cannot be accepted in conjunction with any other promotion offered to the Owner.
  • This promotion is a one time only reward to each individual home.